The bookie’s team: Game Week 9 #FPL

Hi everyone, this is a weekly blog post where we document changes to our team based on bookie’s odds. Having done this last season we’d like to think we’ve learned from our mistakes and aim to finish higher than our top 7% finish. This is not a wildcard XI or a team of the best possible players, this is an actual team which we have had since GW1 and have made changes to throughout the season. With the introduction and warning away, no to introduce to you the bookie’s team for Game Week 9. This post will review our changes and reason as to why we brought them in.

I write this through the tears dripping down my face.In what can only be described as an absolute cluster f*ck of Game Week 8. Harry Kane? Harry F*cking Kane. Heartbreak. We took a -4  and got rid of Dele Alli and Aguero whilst we brought in Son and Kane.  Kabasele was sent off and conceded 4 goals resulting in a -4! Richarlison and  Aubameyang were our only players to return any decent points. Aubameyang didn’t even start and was our highest scorer this week. Wan B had higher expected points than Bennett and Stones. Well that wasn’t the case this week as Bennett got 7 and Stones got 8 sitting on our bench. Our points total was 34(-4) and we’re now 940,225th Overall

Moving on to Gameweek 9 and we’ve wildcarded!

In comes:

Ryan and Fabianski come in to replace Hart and McCarthy. The rotation of Ryan and Fabianski works out really well for the upcoming game weeks.

Nobody survives in our back line. It was previously Luke Shaw, Kabasele, Wan-Bissaka, Bennett and Stones. We say goodbye to what has been a good experience owning Wan-Bissaka. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for Kabasele. We’re delighted he’s gone, most notably after his stellar -4 return in game week 8.

Our new back line is as follows Jonny, David Luiz, Trent Alexander Arnold, Mendy and Yedlin.  David Luiz is a cheaper alternative to Alonso who is nailed on. Luiz takes the occasional free-kick but usually, they end up in row Z. Trent is a cheap way into the Liverpool defence instead of Robertson. Ben Mendy is finally back and he’s straight in our wildcard team. City have some nice fixtures over the coming GW’s so assists should hopefully come.  Brighton’s fixtures are very good over the next few weeks and we’ve opted for Dunk as our defensive pick.

Only one midfielder survived the wildcard and that was Richarlison. We’ve brought back in Salah as this was the plan all along. We say goodbye to our one week hit or miss Son. He was a miss. Despite Maddison being a good FPL option, we’ve had to sell him to afford to get in Eden Hazard. Mane being a doubt and us having Salah made it easier to get rid of him. We also say farewell to our bench fodder McDonald. Kenedy and H.Costa(Wolves) make their way into our team.

Our midfield is now  Richarlison, Salah, Hazard, Kenedy, H Costa.

Ings and Aguero come in for Aubameyang and Kane. Mitrovic survived our wildcard due to his upcoming fixtures and form so far this season.

wildcard gameweek 9

Our point expectancy this week is 60.97 and the starting XI for this game week is:

Matthew Ryan Expected Points 3.21

David Luiz Expected Points 4.31

Jonny Expected Points 4.46

Trent Alexander-Arnold Expected Points 5.13

Benjamin Mendy Expected Points 5.54

Richarlison Expected Points 4.79

Eden Hazard Expected Points 5.39

Mohammed Salah(C) Expected Points 13.28

Helder Coster Expected Points 4.18

Sergio Aguero(VC) Expected Points 6.55

Aleksandar Mitrovic Expected Points 4.13

Our bench is:

Fabianski Expected Points 2.72

Yedlin Expected Points  4.04

Danny Ings Expected Points 3.75

Kenedy Expected Points 2.64

[Total: 1    Average: 5/5]

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