The bookie’s team: Game Week 10 #FPL

Hi everyone, this is a weekly blog post where we document changes to our team based on bookie’s odds. Having done this last season we’d like to think we’ve learned from our mistakes and aim to finish higher than our top 7% finish. This is not a wildcard XI or a team of the best possible players, this is an actual team which we have had since GW1 and have made changes to throughout the season. With the introduction and warning away, now to introduce to you the bookie’s team for Game Week 10. This post will review our changes and reason as to why we brought them in.

It was a successful week for us at OddsOnFPL HQ with our wildcard returning a score of 57 whilst the average was only 43. Our point expectancy was 60.97 so it was quite close. The difference being that Alexander-Arnold didn’t feature and Yedlin was subbed in. After seeing reports by Anfield Express this weekend stating Liverpool are expected to field the same XI as they did midweek it has made us less likely to quickly swap him out of our XI.

Ryan, Mendy and Salah(C) were the standouts returning double-digit scores. Our attacking force of Aguero and Mitrovic also got attacking returns. Unfortunately, the rest failed to get much more with Yedlin and Costa returning 2 points. David Luiz and Hazard got a whopping 1 point each. Wolves getting thrashed meant Jonny returned 0 whilst Richarlison got 3 points due to a rare Everton clean sheet. Unfortunately, there were no attacking returns for the man Marco Silva expects to transform into a striker.

This has moved us up from 940,225K to 645,050K overall.

Salah has the highest expected points which makes him our captain this week. With Liverpool extremely likely to keep a clean sheet we’ll be hoping Alexander-Arnold starts this game. A clean sheet isn’t likely for Mendy but with his attacking threat here’s hoping he returns. Hazard’s back injury makes him a doubt but he didn’t play in Europa league so he has a strong chance of starting against Burnley.

We have made one executive decision based on Nuno Santo’s decision to rotate in game week 10. With Helder Costa being a potential rotation risk due to the depth of talent Wolves have in the wing position, we fear he could be dropped for Adama Traore. The margin is 0.15, but if Costa fails to start it could be even more.

Given we Wildcarded last week, we’re happy with our side currently, a lot of our players are expected to start, and our expectancy is massive, given some of low expectancy players like Mendy, Richarlison, Aguero all have great fixtures next week it would be silly to be so short sighted. Next week, expect some transfers in, West Ham assets are of major interest.

This week our expected points is 60.68

Matthew Ryan Expected Points 3.28

David Luiz Expected Points 4.95

Jonny Expected Points 4.12

Trent Alexander-Arnold Expected Points 5.57

Benjamin Mendy Expected Points 3.85

Eden Hazard Expected(VC) Points 6.02

Richarlison Expected Points 3.73

Mohammed Salah(C) Expected Points 16.06

Danny Ings Expected Points 3.87

Sergio Aguero Expected Points 4.9

Aleksandar Mitrovic Expected Points 4.43

Our bench is:

Fabianski Expected Points 3.04

Helder Costa Expected Points 3.78

Yedlin Expected Points 3.47

Kenedy Expected Points 3.35

[Total: 0    Average: 0/5]

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