The Bookie’s Captain – Gameweek 25

In a similar feature to last year, we’re sharing with you who is this week’s most likely point scorers based on an algorithm we’ve created. The points are based on a player’s chance of scoring once, twice, three times a lady…. No sorry, just once and twice. As well as that we add defensive player’s clean sheet points and whether they’re expected to start or not. The variables for starting are ‘Yes’, ‘No’, and ‘Rotation’. With Yes giving a player 2 points, No 0, and Rotation 1. The points are taken from our Clean Sheet Gameweek 24 post which was shared earlier this week. Using this information we’ll help you choose your captain for Fantasy Football in game week 24.

A midfielder will naturally get more points for scoring, as will a defender, while a forward only gets 4 points. This can often lead to a midfielder with 50% chance of scoring (50% x 5 = 2.5) ending up with a higher expected point tally than a forward with 60% chance of scoring (4 x 60% = 2.4).

No odds were released for goalscorers this week for the City vs Everton game. I would suggest that any high exp player from those players will be worth at least 2 points more than their Exp. The best captaincy selection this week would without a doubt be Raheem Sterling.


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