Gameweek 6 Odds on FPL – Review

So we wildcarded this week and it’s paid off dramatically! Our pre wildcard team would have only got 47 points and  this week we got a whopping 89 points, a huge swing in our favour. With that the team has moved up to 591,026th 188,807th in the world and are just ever so slightly out of the top 3%.


Jordan Pickford –  3 points

Failure to keep a clean sheet for Everton again means they haven’t kept a clean sheet since gameweek 1. Pickford picked up a save point, something which will  become the norm if Everton don’t solve their defensive woes.

Nacho Monreal – 7 points

An unbelievable goal line clearance from Nacho made it at a certainty that if Arsenal kept a clean sheet he would be in the bonus points. Returning 7 points this week and ensured that all our defenders kept a clean sheet mean

Eric Bailly – 6 points

A frequent occurrence in our fantasy team and most likely everybody else’s. Another Manchester United clean sheet, they make it 5 clean sheets in 6 games. Phil Jones outshone the Ivorian, but Bailly is less likely to strain a muscle and is more photogenic. Something odds compilers really value in a player.

Stephen Ward  – 8 points

Our cheapest starting defender returned the most points! Wardy grabbed himself 2 bonus points as well, in the only 0-0 of the week(may change). Ward made two successful crosses against the Terriers, and had the most amount of touches for a Burnley with a total of 74 touches.

Nicolas Otamendi – 6 points

Crystal Palace don’t like scoring goals it seems. So a defender against them looks to be a must every week at this rate. Crystal Palace had chances but failure to be cyncial meant the most likely clean sheet landed.

Alexis Sanchez – 5 points

Not the monster score we were hoping for and unfortunately Alexis got a yellow card but he did manage to get himself an assist and keep a clean sheet. Alexis certainly does have a fire in his belly of late, and looked fiesty and up for the fight against West Brom, and looks to have cemented his position in the side again. Tony Pulis wants him to be banned, but Tony Pulis hates football.

Dele Alli – 8 points

Finally he has awoken from his slumber! Dele Alli rewarded patience of many assisting twice, getting his tally to a total of 2 assists! Lucky to escape without a yellow card as we saw his temper flare up towards the end of the game. Unfortunately for us he just missed out on bonus points.

Glyfi Sigurdsson – 2 points

The Icelandic attacking midfielder (I typed that because I cannot spell Glyfi Sigurdsson’s name without copying and pasting) is not a left winger. I wonder if Ronald Koeman knows that? He has struggled for form against bigger sides and could be lacking match fitness still, better things are to come.

Sergio Aguero(C) – 22 points

Well Shano did say hew as literally on fire! A score that would make us happy every week after seeing Harry Kane score 2 and then Lukaku and Morata score it lead to a very sweaty last 45 minutes for Sergio Aguero captainers.  First came the assist and it was a sigh of relief for everybody that it wasn’t a blank, and finally came the goal! A goal and an assist this week for the main man himself. Not as good as Harry Kane this week, but better than Lukaku.

Tomer Hemed – 9 points

There has been something distinctly not ‘Super’ about Sundays this year. While the game was more exciting the scoreline suggests a few Sky subscribers may be wondering if the switch to BT may be worthwhile. Fortunately for the OddsOnFPL team, we had a player which made it interesting for us. Up steps the 5.0m Tomer who managed to score the only goal of the day and got us those sweet sweet bonus points! This is the type of longshot bet which pays off once in a blue moon. We were unlucky to be choosing him this week away to Arsenal, but after a suspension for stamping on DeAndre Yedlin the Israeli has made our decision easier to bench him.

Alexandre Lacazette – 13 points

Two goals for Lacazette and also a very good sign for us that he’s taking penalties. Arsenal have found a complete striker in the Frenchman, he is good in the air, fast, strong and has fantastic link up play, and isn’t afraid of taking a penalty. The poacher showed the Gunners what they’ve been missing over the years, and memories of Theo Walcott pretending to be a striker seem nothing but a distant past. Expect more outputs like this over the coming weeks.

The Bench:

More 2s than a man called Desmond.

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