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There are a number of certainties in life. Tax, Death, Jay-Jay Okacha having two first names, and another week in FPL where Harry Kane is expected to score highly.

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Harry Kane the man, the myth, the legend. Scored twice during the international break to continue his hot streak. Non-owners should be very scared this week as Spurs take on Bournemouth at home. He’s got the highest expected points this week with 6.71.

Jamie Vardy hasn’t had much of a party so far this season but he’s still managed to score 5 goals so far this season. Many thought that he would be a one season wonder but the WKD drinking party Animal is still banging in goals. His points expectancy this week is 4.4.

Gabriel Jesus – As usually with Jesus, owners will be biting their nails waiting to see if he’ll start this week. Jesus played both International matches midweek and is due to fly home on Thursday. Aguero’s injury gives the owners more hope that he’ll start and if he does start he’s very likely to score. 6.09 are his expected points.

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Alexis Sanchez could be rested, he could be sold, he could score twice. But one thing is for certain. Alexis Sanchez is not going to be playing in the 2018 world cup. Sanchez has never been known to let anything get to him, and he will surely still have that fire in his belly, as he always does. Right? Riiiiiight? Sanchez is expected to get 5.69 points, which makes him the second highest expected points scorer. I have some doubts about him starting the game due to Wenger saying the following:

“I will have to speak to him.

Yesterday, I watched the whole game and I must say he got some special treatment.

It was very physical and mentally I will have to assess the situation. “

Raheem Sterling has been very impressive so far this season and Pep seems to like starting him, even though he stupidly got a red card a few weeks ago.  Just behind Eden Hazard in the expected points with 5.48 while Eden has a 5.67 points expectancy. The real stand out is the price difference. Sterling at just 7.9M  could be unbelievable value if his points expectancy is on par with Hazards. Let’s not forget Hazard mimicking Sterling run.

The greatest Dane to grace the Premiership since Lord Bendtner scored a penalty in the internationals midweek. Christian Eriksen has 5.05 points expectancy while his midfield partner Dele Alli has 6.15. Considering Alli is 0.2 cheaper, his point expectancy is significantly higher. Alli owners will be hoping for him to avoid doing his best Tom Daley impression again.

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His defensive returns have not been what many would have wanted but Marcos Alonso has the highest points expectancy of all the defender this week at 5.77 and this also places him in the top 5 this week. In a game where Chelsea are most likely to keep a clean sheet against a poor Crystal Palace side, owners will be expecting Alonso to be returning the goods.

The only thing more nailed on than Kyle Walker starting at Right Back is Jesus Christ to a cross. Some fans weren’t pleased with Walker over the international break due to him taking a free kick. Some people need to get a life. Walker has a points expectancy of 4.8 points.

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Ederson is expected to keep another clean sheet. The Brazilian capped an international debut with a clean sheet against Chile. Unsurprisingly Ederson was up against his Chilean teammate Claudio Bravo, who conceded 3 goals. It’s clear to see the difference between the two keepers. Ederson is expected to be the top scoring goalkeeper this week with 4.14 points.

Not too far behind Ederson is Chelsea’s Courtois. With a meagre 0.01 expected points less than Ederson, the Belgian stopper comes up against a Palace side which has failed to score in the league this season. Courtois is expected to incur more pain and heartache for worrisome Woy.

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