OddsOnFPL is all about finding you the best picks, week on week for your Fantasy Premier League side. Whether that is a goal scoring defender, or a creative midfielder, we show you who is most likely to score based on the points that Fantasy Premier League.

We share with you the most likely clean sheet sides, the most likely scorers, and the most likely point scorers. We also share our weekly side, which we will do weekly, to help people win their own leagues.


Paddy thought of the idea one day when he was off work with tendinitis at home. Instead of moping about he created a blog post and shared it on Reddit’s FantasyPL subreddit. The post gained about 7000 hits, to date still our biggest post. One day we dream of such numbers again.

Paddy previously worked as a trader for BetBright and helped compile odds for Fantasy Football. Weirdly enough he genuinely finds odds, stats and football interesting.  The freak. Paddy writes the articles, edits the images, and designed the site.


After a feud last year between Shano and Paddy about who was to come out the winner in Fantasy Football, Paddy asked Shano would he be interested in writing alongside him. After gloating about being last season’s winner he decided to join Paddy in writing for the site. The pair became friends through gambling and both have a massive interest in football and betting.

Shano takes part in writing and now compiles the odds alongside Paddy, after Paddy taught him how to compile. Shano is a co-owner of the site alongside Paddy.


Dan is the resident culchie of the trio. Dan previously wrote about horses. Now he writes about donkeys like Andy Carroll.